Eagle Transport Services, Inc. has been hauling refrigerated products across the continental U.S. and Canada since 1995.


Do you need a load transferred to a different trailer or re-organized on the road? We offer cross docking at our warehouse in Dover, Minnesota.

Tractor and Trailer Leasing

We have a fleet of tractors and refrigerated trailers that are available for lease.

Trailer Washout

Need your trailer washed? We offer trailer washing services so you are ready to go for your next load!

Eagle Transport Services Inc.

We're more than just a trucking company...

Eagle Transport Services Inc. has been hauling refrigerated  freight around the continental United States and Canada since 1995. As our  fleet of tractors and trailers has grown, so have our offerings. Not only are we able to get products to their destinations safely and on time, but we also off tractor and trailer leasing for drivers, cross-docking services to transfer freight and trailer washout services to help drivers comply with the law and get them ready for their next load!

Let's get to work!

Whether you need to get your products to its destination or you're looking to get on the road as a driver, Eagle Transport Services Inc. is  here to help! We look forward to hearing from you!

Eagle Transport Services Inc.